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SMALL BUT MIGHTY: Q1 YOUR QUICK RELEASE CONNECTOR FOR EDC Antedesign Introduces Q1 With Limitless Versatility, Seamless Efficiency, Invaluable Functionality, And Handiness To Become Your Everyday Essential



S-NANO – NOT YOUR AVERAGE HAPTIC FIDGET SLIDER S-Nano: A Multi-Functional Haptic Fidget Slider For Healing And Relaxing Smooth sliding with clear sounds Slides both ways Symmetric Design We use a symmetrical design to match your hands.Whether you are left or right handed.



Comma 2.0: World’s Most Powerful Fidget With Solid Results Durable, And Portable Multi-purpose Fidget That Comes With All You Can Expect From It – And Much More Adjustable Haptic Device As the only adjustable haptic device in the world. Comma 2.0 can provide a high-speed spin just like other spinners or with a quick adjustment…

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Pathfinder+ : The Best Keychain Multitool For Everyday Carry Pathfinder+ A Single Mini-Tool That Serves You As A Knife, Pry Bar, Screw Driver, Bottle Opener, Ruler, File, And Much More.