Comma 2.0: World’s Most Powerful Fidget With Solid Results

Durable, And Portable Multi-purpose Fidget That Comes With All You Can Expect From It – And Much More

Have you ever been addicted to a fidget spinner but wanted it to do more than mere fidgeting? Of course, your fingers would have wanted something like more haptic feedback from your fidget or would have wanted it to give you that feel of clicking, at least once!
Maybe, you would have craved a fidget spinner that is durable enough to last you for years or would have wanted to turn your fidget into a device that gives off some flow. Even if you haven’t yet imagined so much from a simple toy like fidget, reading all of this must-have got you excited. Let us take your excitement to another level with our all-new multipurpose fidget – Comma 2.0.

What Is Comma 2.0?

Comma 2.0 is a unique fidgeting toy that has been produced by Antdesign – a brand that takes pride in coming up with everyday tools with a touch of uniqueness and one-serves-all kind of designs. After the immense success of our Comma fidget, we have come up with another fidget that does much more than simply spinning and is more powerful and bigger than before.
Comma 2.0 is created to fulfill all your sensory needs that any other basic fidget might not be able to. Made of the strongest stainless steel, our fidget comes with different accessories and yet, manages to be portable enough for you to take it along everywhere you want.
Our Comma 2.0 is an all-in-one spinner that incorporates haptic click, maze game, circular ruler, DIY-ability, and much more. Not just that, but we made sure not to leave any design point in vain and hence, endowed the backside with three different functionalities. The backside of this fidget can serve as a bottle opener, box opened, and a screwdriver as and when required.
Unbelievable, right? We totally understand that it can get very hard to believe in something as simple as a fidget spinner to serve so many functions and still be durable enough to last you for years. But we urge you to trust us once and give this fidget a try.
We are sure that you’d never turn back to a basic fidget spinner after trying your hands on comma 2.0 for once!

Made Of Stainless Steel 316/Titanium (Grade 5)/Brass

Comma 2.0 is bigger and more powerful than before. Made of the highest quality stainless steel 316/ titanium (Grade 5)/Brass, the fidget makes it sure to steal the sights and last you long.

Comes With Different Accessories To Help You Achieve Different Functions

We will provide 7 types of front panels and 3 types of back panels to attach to your fidget. The accessories and panels let you convert the Comma 2.0 into different tools and toys and enjoy your time more.

Easy To DIY

Thanks to the magnetic connections that can be made between the device’s main body and the panels it comes with, DIY-ing the Comma 2.0 is very easy and super quick.

Adjustable Haptic Device

As the only adjustable haptic device in the world. Comma 2.0 can provide a high-speed spin just like other spinners or with a quick adjustment turn into a haptic device. Its haptic function is also adjustable so you can control how strong the haptic feature is.

Two Types Of Haptic Click

Comma2.0 provides two unique types of haptic click for you to choose.

Haptic Coin

A sharp haptic device with two different clicks makes sure your fingers and ears are never bored of the same clicking sound all the time!

Features A Micro-Maze

The fidget can add a sleek maze-like surface on its top to let you tickle your brain better as you play. You can add a ball for the increased difficulty of your maze activity too.

 Circle Ruler

A proper circular ruler with all its accessories and a clear measuring scale engraved on its body. It allows you to make quick and precise measurements anywhere!

Back Panel Serves As An EDC Tool

The back panel can be modified to serve your daily needs. It can act as a Bottle opener, box opener, and screwdriver as and where you like.

Supports Board Game

Use this fidget’s scale and movement features to play board games and enjoy more!

Top Spinner With Top Spinner Accessories

A swiftly modifiable spinner that has it all to let your fingers enjoy an actual fidgeting experience.

Fully Replaceable Bearing

Don’t worry that the bearing may get dirty or damaged after a long time. Because of the detachable bearing system we designed, you can change/clean them easily.

Portable, Play With Your Friends Anytime, Anywhere

he Comma 2.0 is a little bigger than a coin, making it easy for you to keep it in your pocket and take it along anywhere you want.

Glow Inside

Built-in very bright Glow material with logo.


We provide three kinds of materials:
Stainless Steel 316 (Color options:Silver/Misty/Black/Grey/Colours)
Titanium (Grade 5) (Color options:Beadblast/Stone-wash)